Borderless. Wordless.

Everyday, Musings / Sunday, March 19th, 2023

When I started writing this blog, I used this as an open journal. A place for my words to nestle. A space for the unsaid and unspoken.

I have never actively promoted this blog. There are no Meta Tags for any of the pages. No keyword optimization. For a long while, I would give a link to this site on my social media accounts, but of late, I have removed that too.

I have always believed that these words will make their way – whenever they want to whoever needs them. There are times I have looked at the site traffic and wondered: How did this get there?

I am not sure what calls any visitors here, but in sharing this space with me, I feel heard and seen.

There are the obvious visits: Dublin. Kehl. San Antonio. London. Bangalore. (I know who these are: loyal visits and the only people I write the most for)

There are a few random, frenetic visits from Chennai. (eye-roll)

Then, there are visits from Norway, Iran, and even Ukraine. UAE.

And I wonder: Who are you all? And especially, I wonder as I look at traffic from Mumbai. I am curious and intrigued – why are most of my pageviews coming from Mumbai recently? Who are these fans? πŸ˜‰

Who are you, dear visitor from Mumbai? What brings you here with such regularity?

What interests you so much in my university life in China? What interests you so much about the trips I took in 2017? Do you like what I wrote about Ooty in 2016? Or perhaps, you are intrigued by what I wrote about The Art of Honesty? Perhaps, you want to know why I thought even green tea isn’t really green in 2016? Why do you seek these posts? Would you like me to write more in the tags you seek under ‘family,’ ‘musings,’ ‘friends,’ or ‘thoughts?’ Perhaps, you are more fascinated by what I wrote all those years ago? Or do the recent happenings catch your attention more? Based on your browsing feedback, we have revamped the tags and categories for easier reading in our own small ways.

Tell us: We are a friendly bunch. Make yourself home and say hi. I would love to know you. Perhaps, I can improve my writing, although I fear that I am a better writer now than in those old posts. So, tell us. Drop a comment. I would love to know what draws you to this old blog, graveyard of my memories, the confined remains of the past, and the last stop for my soul? Who are you? Apart from being the most ardent consumer of my content?

And for the rest who visit: I am grateful. Thank you for being part of this blog. I can’t believe the stats sometimes – surely, there must be something erroneous in them. But I am glad you are here.

10 Replies to “Borderless. Wordless.”

  1. People visit you because of the way your words touch our souls, they make us feel those longings, warmth, and they inspire us to touch lives with our creations, our craft. No. Those stats cannot be wrong because your words should reach far beyond the realm of this planet. I read because I like. I long for your voice and aspire to capture my tangled heart like you do.

    1. Will write more, Poodle. Especially since I am super chuffed that the only book that you could finish this year was ‘The Star Whisperer.’ And my posts here. Super chuffed, pumped et al. If I could hold your attention despite the brain fog, I must be a terrific writer. πŸ˜‰

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