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Introducing MyndStories Minis

the myndstories podcast

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I am the host of the MyndStories Minis.

MyndStories is India’s first integrated content platform for mental health. 

And what’s MyndStories Minis?

Bite-sized audio shows of 10-15 minutes on the extraordinariness of our ordinary lives. One topic. One theme. Our lives. Our minds. Our journeys. 

Who qualifies? YOU. I would love to talk to any of you. This is your voice. Your story.

Let’s make it ours. 


The MyndStories Minis | Ep 3: On Stage: Mindful Journeys

Here, I spoke to Disha Shah, a writer and meditator about the life-changing effects of meditation. Disha started meditating when she was just 19 years old and since then she has relied on it for building confidence, feeling better about herself, gaining better perspectives on life, and so much more. 

This was a fun conversation. I wasn’t thinking about meditation when I was 19. It took me many years of pain before I realized the benefits of meditation.

Visit for all the guidance you need on your mental health journey.

The MyndStories Minis || Ep:2 – Living in the Moment

What does it feel to be bound to a bed when you are 17? I don’t know. When I spoke with Hansika Tyagi, I was even more nervous than I was for my first podcast. I didn’t know how to talk to this 17-year-old who lives with spinal muscular atrophy. Her voice wavered. Her internet was spotty. And I struggled.

Yet, Hansika left me wondering about life. “I am my own hope,” she says here. There’s something about this girl. Is it courage? Resilience? But she was my teacher for those 30 minutes.

The MyndStories Minis||Ep:1 – A Little Bit of This and That

This was my first podcast. And I was nervous! My guest was equally nervous. Which makes for a perfect, nervy podcast.

For this session, I spoke with Akanksha Misra, one of LifeWordsmith’s content writers. We spoke about uncertainties. Acceptance. Family. Being independent and everything that comes with being a freelancer, a sister, a daughter, and someone who decided to follow her heart, no matter what.

And oh, we also spoke about loneliness – that quiet unassuming guest fluttering in silence on our show.

I hope you give this a listen – my stumbling efforts come from my shyness. But like Akanksha, my heart is in the right place.

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