Top 10 Things to do in a PG

Uncategorized / Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


I have realized that people LOVE lists. We love to figure out the top ways to do something. I am not sure why, but I think we like to remind ourselves that we can count. Somewhere in the dead corners of our minds, we feel proud if we can cross off ‘lists’ and to-do things faster than Evernote can. This Friday, my third day at the PG, has dawned uneventful. I do the geyser thing, and then while coming down for breakfast, I ask the PG caretaker’s wife if breakfast is ready. Yes it is! I choose to ignore having deep-fried pakodas early in the morning, and then proceed to write my list of the Top 10 things to do in a PG:

10. Surround yourself in solitary splendor – till the other 3 roommates arrive. I am lucky, my solitary splendor is all mine.

9. Figure out the most innovative ways of conserving space, and utilizing space, and generally make less of yourself and your things – so if you can dry your innerwear by hanging it on the tube-light, who says no to innovation?.

8.  Jump 3 times rapidly up and down to test if the noise really draws out the mysterious girls living on the second floor.

7. Google the internet for ‘waterless handwash and facewash’ each time the water runs out.

6. Create MaWai – an innovative mix of Maggi and Wai Wai uncooked that promises to set restaurants in NYC on fire.

5. Listen to the quiet sound of construction work and meditate on the relentless thump of hammer hitting wood, again ,and again, and again.

4. Watch reruns of the Big Boss and become furiously passionate about people staying in locked houses, because you somehow feel you can identify with it.

3. Write mails to Dad’s elder brother’s son’s daughter-in-law’s sister because you have finished writing to everyone else.

2. Stare at the ceiling. This is therapeutic. Trust me.

1. Look up all the amazing facts on the internet, feel-good messages and spam your friends on Facebook.

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