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Everyday / Monday, November 17th, 2014

Once in a while, Soul Muser will stop musing about the general lassitude of life, and instead focus on the one other thing that also moves her greatly: food. Last year, I struggled with food. A combination of a stressful work environment and some weird unexplained stomach problems led to one of the saddest situations. One where I could not eat well. It’s an experience that makes me grateful for the sheer beauty of food. The white succulent taste of just white rice. The goodyliciousness of each morsel. The tangy taste of Maggi noodles. Crisy fried vegetables. Aromatic soups. Pink dumplings. Sweet sweet potatoes. I love food. Glorious food. And this year, I can eat a little more of it. And enjoy every bite of it.

And to my review. I am not going to write about how well-done the paneer was, or how the rice grains were perfectly spread. Hell, I don’t know. Does the food taste good? Would I go again? Did it make me feel good? Those are the parameters of my food blogging. I would  not know my white sauce from mayonnaise, probably. But I can sure know where my nose can lead itself to the most glorious adventures. And well, I am a vegetarian, and will always stay true to that.

So here’s my review of Toast

Maggi and more Maggi

World-famous journalist (WFJ): We have heard a great deal about this one-year old place in Jayanagar, near Jain College. Toast is the name. And as always, we are here to cover it for you. We have the famous food blogger, SM with us who will tell us in great detail all that Toast can bring to the palate. So, SM, tell us about Toast. When did you go?

SM: On a weekend. There are not too many places I explore on weekdays.  You see, work being the way it is. What? You want me to be more specific? What does that mean?

WFJ: Like, what food did you have?

SM: Maggi! Try their amazing varieties of Maggi. For a ramen lover like me, this was heaven. So many different soupy varieties of Maggi. Genius.

WFJ: Maggi? Erm, I am not sure what Maggi is. Did you say ramen? Well, we have had some wonderful ramen reviews in NYC that our readers can check out. Meanwhile, what did you drink?

SM: A shake. No, wait it was a butterscotch iced tea. I think that’s what it was. Well, sorry, but I can’t seem to remember more of it! And do you really want to know? It’s the Maggi that you should also try. I mean, isn’t ramen the most amazing invention ever? But yes, the iced tea was an interesting invention too.

WFJ: Erm…yes, I am sure. But can you tell us a little bit about the ambiance?

SM: Comfy seating. Nice music. I can’t really describe the lighting etc, mate. I mean, seriously, is that what you want? You just go to eat, no?

WFJ: (By now, in a state of apoplexy). What was the expense? Our readers like to know exactly how much each item on the menu costs. Could you please give us the specifics?

SM: Really? I can’t think your readers would want to know all that. But yeah, I can see why they would want to. But really, do they want to? No, mate. Relax. You don’t have to growl there. This restaurant was easy on the pocket. But of course, easy depends on whether your Dad is funding your pocket. Arite, I am getting to the point! It was just around Rs400 for many bowls of Maggi.

WFJ: That seems incredibly cheap. Just less than $10 folks. For Maggi. We will be sure to look that up. Will you go again?

SM: Yes! Can I resist a Maggi?

Static. And a loud crash.

PS: SM will refuse to give any more interviews to WFJ. Really. These folks. What do they want? Just eat!

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