Day 2 in a PG

Everyday / Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Have you ever slept on a bed with the plastic sheets still covering the mattress? Now, I can cross that off my bucket list. Here’s what the bed is like. I think I am a 4-foot pixie, but I look gargantuan for the size of this bed. Anyone who is a little over 5-feet might find that their toes need to talk to the ground beneath. I don’t know the wisdom in giving beds of this size. But I think it could be with the current theory that Indians are growing genetically shorter? Must be all the Bollywood dancing we do in the wombs!

Apart from the pack of dogs party, the night passed fairly uneventful. But the shower. Now, that’s another story. This is the size of the geyser.

The heroic little warrior

Again, I think in keeping with 4-feet pixies, it is expected that the size of the geyser should be just so. Keep a timer. 20 seconds of hot water. And then stand there and contemplate all that life has to offer for 2 minutes while the geyser heats up again. Then, once the light turns green, frantically grab the shampoo, face wash, and body wash in a swift motion, and proceed. 20 seconds. And then, covered with soap and shampoo, try this little game of “Peeky I Can.” It essentially means you try opening your eyes with the lather of soap and shampoo streaming down your face and try counting your toes and the number of bristles on your toothbrush. This activity, if done correctly, should take 2 minutes, by which time, it’s green again! The lights, not you. Although I think if it were colder, that might also be the color of your skin. 20 seconds wash off all the lather. Don’t worry if you can’t get rid of it all because by then you simply won’t care.

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