Confusion Confounded

Uncategorized / Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Mondays. I am confused. Is it the first day of the week or the second? Either ways, it isn’t the best day of the week for sure. Especially not today for me. I had the most awful night. It sounds poetic when I write this but believe me wading through bucketfuls of sleep and not getting to drink any is the most incredibly torturous experience you can get! Why couldn’t I sleep? Erm…I couldn’t sleep because I could hear the rush of bamboo reeds whooshing past me gently all the time. There! I’ve said it! Ruined myself to eternal shame! But it is true! No matter what I did – I kept hearing this music in some canal of my eardrum! (Check out the picture…that is me today!)

And joke of the night – I call Birdie to my room for help. She hushes me to silence upon hearing the problem and says “Wait. ” I wait. Finally after 2 minutes of such waiting, I ask her, “What are we waiting for?” And Birdie says “Hush! Let me see if I can hear it too!” “Aaargh!” I shout in despair. “How can you hear what’s in my eardrum nut? It’s not a bloody rock concert!”

Now, throwing Birdie’s logic aside, these weren’t noises in the head either – no no, I am a bit too sophisticated for that. It’s just a strange rhythmic sashaying through my ears – music meditation, maybe? Morning dawned soon and the bamboo reeds shushed into silence as the sounds of another day made their way. Tonight though, I am not sure if I will sleep alone or with my reeds in a river.

Perhaps the lack of sleep explains the general confusion surrounding this groggy day. Six hours of classes – 3 movies (Jumanji, Jumanji, and Jumanji) – two of them on an equally groggy projector that made the images sway on the screen in tune to my bamboo rushes – and then a taxi to the railway station with Ruby and Birdie to check the train tickets to Guangzhou. The cab driver gets caught by the traffic cop for crossing a yellow line (Miss Expert Tipsy Driver here says that the cabbie was an inexperienced one anyway!). Policeman glares, another man intervenes and takes away the cop. Cabbie grins and promptly restarts the car in 3rd gear. OUCH for the engine!

Railway station. An angry Ruby had earlier in the day blasted Mr What’s-his-name Boss at the station for going back on his promise to provide train tickets. And not surprisingly, the train tickets are STILL not available as it is too early! Traveling on Friday? Umm…no need to plan so much…come on Thursday is the Chinese motto! Wish I can snarl my teeth at them all!

Turns out though that the bus might be a cheaper option. Oh! I forget to add Bunty is taking his Dad to the hospital for another bout of “various symptoms too difficult to diagnose.” He may or may not come to Hong Kong – I, for one, will not be too surprised if he calls it off.

The best of the day…found this really weird device that promises to deliver laser rays and reduce blood sugar! May or may not work but I am certainly going to try it for my mom!

I don’t know if Birdie and I should leave on Friday morning by bus or the next morning. Where to stay? Which day to choose? Bus? Or train? How many days to stay? Will Bunty come? Questions too many. Answer is just one. “Have fun and smile more. It always charms life.

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