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Everyday / Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

The weekend has reached the end of the road. How did it ever go by? These 48 hours that we so pitifully set aside as “our time.” And what hours it has been too! After a relatively sedate Friday morning, the evening exploded in a bang. Old memories of phone calls surfaced again. Unease in the air. And trouble in the mind. I did have a brand new haircut though, didn’t I? See how I look now!

Saturday…well…that was another day altogether. I sat in front of the PC for ages. And ages. And ages. Searching for the best blog to record these thoughts, these ramblings, these words and these memories forever in the Internet world. What a search it turned out to be. Some blogs looked great – offered great features – but in the end were blocked by China’s Great Firewall. Some blogs merely looked good – but messed up by not offering the most simple of features such as “posting an image in the blog.” And some made the whole art of blogging look like the most difficult skill of all to master, so convoluted was the design. Others chose to be simple but in simplicity shone blandness. MSN Live Spaces seemed the best option but I didn’t like their photo slide show feature. Click here to see my site there. Blogwriters. Net – will someone tell me how to post a picture on their site?! Finally, I thought a weirdly named Mabobo site was ideal – but their site address was too long! Here take a look and tell me if the Tipsy Tea there is good. Oh! Did I mention I have no privacy there? Tut Tut. And finally, at the end of a long haul – the Great Firewall took pity on me and opened up Blogger again. This is it – perfecto. For now at least. :0)

Night cast a dark shadow of anger, true blues and all the murky jazz that lurks in the corners of my mind. Fragmented dreams echoing the roaring storms. Jumanji was the movie I saw on Saturday. Truly, this evening was like one – I was in my own Jungle. The rest were all just creatures to fight against. In this battle, no one wins.

At least, today on Sunday, the dark skies moved outside. And I can breathe easier. Today is also Susheela’s birthday – and as I write, I think of all the times she has been a mother, sister and best friend to me. No one has pampered me the way she has all my life. During the times I was alone – she was there. Some debts can never be repaid – I am indebted to her for life – she has seen me through my childhood and walked me through adulthood – from seeing her every day for 23 years, I now see her once a month, if lucky. It seems strange. Seems unfair. And you wish that you can find a way to keep the people you love – to keep them close – to hug them close – and take them home.

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