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Uncategorized / Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I would rather forget this day. But then, in writing about it on this blog, I am never going to forget it, am I? Strange the things we humans do. Strange the things that humans don’t do.

It was a day of realizations for me:

  1. The new shampoo that Genius gave me doesn’t suit my hair. Makes it oily. And when I have a bad hair day…others better watch out!
  2. I fasted from around 6 the previous day to around 6 today. Result? Great for my body but bad for my mind. When it is lunch time and your insides are playing funny tricks inside you AND your roommate decides to have yummy-smelling chatnipudi and douya, your mind jumps around like a genie in a trapped bottle of fluid waste. Disgusting? Yup. So was I. Plain plain disgusting.
  3. I learned it before. I keep learning it every day. I never seem to master it quite enough. Anger is a pest. Get rid of it soon before it leeches itself into your body, mind and soul.
  4. Maybe…just maybe…I should get back to being myself and NOT PLAN.
  5. I ain’t no preacher of what I practice. I ain’t no follower of what I write.
  6. I am not really bad when I am good but I am way past evil when I am bad.

Before more realizations creep in, at least I had a good conversation with home. My Mom dreamed that I was dancing. HA! Can you believe that? Dancing indeed!

After today, I would be dancing if I can manage to stay calm for 20 minutes. No, make that 30. At least I can dedicate numbers on my blog to poor, long-suffering Birdie. 🙁 Ya…she was the poor cat and I was the snarling dog today as my picture attests.

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