Sleep. Blessed sleep.

Uncategorized / Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I wish someone would manufacture sleep in a capsule, so that I could sleep a lot more while using the bed reading pillow. “Take one capsule a day, madame.” And voila! No need to sleep at all! And we would have all the time in the world – time to work, time to relax, and time to party. Hmm…now I really wonder what it would be like to really not sleep. But I guess I have enough experience of it, anyway. If I sleep, I dream. And dream all night. Vivid stories. Fascinating journeys. I could publish many a novel with my dreams. Some dreams are not so sweet. Some haunt. Some leave their imprint in my mind for the day to come. And some come true.

Wednesday night. Still no room in Hong Kong. Still no tickets to HK. I even come to know that the college has class on Saturday. That wasn’t a surprise though. What was the surprise is that Birdie and I are going to stage the smallest of small dances in front of a combined class tomorrow! Phew! No idea how it is going to be…but at least it was fun to practice! Right now, I am too tired to even think. Or type. I could just stretch back and surrender to sleep. Blessed sleep.

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