Today Is…

Everyday / Sunday, December 25th, 2016

I like ellipses. In informal writing, ellipses are used to indicate a trailing-off thought or to express hesitation or an unsaid thought. I have always overused ellipses. When I saw the prompt for today, I wanted to laugh because I don’t have to write anything more after these three dots. The ellipses say it all. But then, let me try.

Today is the day I went to a church I used to frequent many years ago. It’s a quaint little church near my parents’ home. We searched for candles and couldn’t find any at the church. My friend asked a person who was lighting candles about where he bought those from. They had got it with them. It made me smile. Is that a message from the wonderfully kind Universe? Carry your candle with you? We think we ought to carry the light within us. But sometimes, we need to carry the candles as well.

Today is the day I go to a new cafe near the church where the owner tells me that he had lived in Uganda and Rwanda for many years. We chat about mountain gorillas for a while even as I have sweet corn soup and think about the odds of finding someone who knows about wildlife conservation in Rwanda in a tiny cafe in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore.

Today is the day I drive down Bangalore’s oldest market, the KR Market. The dirt and the stench still remind me of the days I used to trudge up and down, catching buses from the market to reach home after a long day at work.

Today is the day I chauffeur my parents to a wedding. I sit with my Dad and we gossip about the bride and her dress. I sit with my Kindle and read “The Homegoing.” I laugh off questions about my own wedding from well-meaning old women. Today is the day I realize that I am blessed.

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