Thank You For…

Everyday / Friday, December 30th, 2016

Gratitude. It’s a strange word, this. It has received an explosion in popularity over the last decade and more. We have gratitude meditation, gratitude journals, and even courses that teach you the art of gratitude. Gratitude has been proven to be a happiness expander. The more we have things we are grateful for, the happier we are. Yet, I don’t think I have practiced gratitude enough. I don’t say these magical words called “thank you” enough.

For this year, I want to say “Thank You For…Being Here.” To everyone. The ones who came and the ones who left. Thank you for the time I had and the time I lost. Thank you for the incredible love I received and the occasional pain that comes from loving. Thank you for every sunset and sunrise, every wave of the sea, and the kiss of the mountains. Thank you for every kind word and all the harsh admonitions. Thank you for teaching me lessons and thank you allowing me to teach. Thank you for giving me health and the little niggles to make me realize how precious it is to regain the health. Thank you, My Universe, for your kindness, your harshness. Together, they represent Love. Thank you for making me feel loved.

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