My Word For 2017

Everyday / Saturday, December 31st, 2016


I had been staring at this prompt for a while now. It took me an hour of staring and mindless browsing before the word for 2017 came to me. Faith.

I want this to be my word for 2017. Faith that the Universe will continue to be kind. Faith to believe in dreams. Faith that life is leading me gently on the path of more awareness. Faith that connections are to built and not broken asunder. Faith in health and healing. Faith to simply be. Faith that happiness is not a mirage, that it truly lies within. Faith that I will not stop searching for truth. Faith that I will be kinder to myself. Faith that compassion and kindness really are the ways to betterment. Faith that even when things fall apart, it just means they are falling into place again. Faith that beauty exists. Faith that I will make mistakes and learn from those each and every single time. I have faltered too often. I have lost faith when I needed to hold on to it the most. What faith is it if it trembles like a leaf and then falls to the ground at the merest whiff of the wind?

So FAITH is my word for 2017. When next year ends too, where would I be? I have faith that I will stand prouder, stronger, and better. In every way.

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