Thank You For

Everyday / Saturday, December 30th, 2017

I think this year was a beautiful year of lessons and learning. In many ways, when I look back at my life, and I know that I am going to reach the half-way point of 80 soon, then I feel that every year has been a cornucopia of lessons and dreams that morphed into reality.

In 2017, I remain thankful for the friendships I had. I am forever thankful for the beautiful family I have. I can only thank this year for keeping my loved ones in good health most of the time. I am thankful that, although I struggled at the beginning of this year, I was able to regain some of my own health back by the end.

Thank you 2017 for making me foolish. Thank you 2017 for making me vain and angry. Thank you 2017 for teaching me that compassion is my long-term goal. Thank you 2017 for showing my flaws, burning my wounds, and lathering my soul with my ego. Thank you 2017 for all the places I traveled to, and the people I met on the larger journey of life.

Thank you, in the end, to all of you who read this blog. Your presence here makes a world of difference to me.

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