Everyday / Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Flowers dozing gently by the wayside or nodding in tune while you ran. The sun winking smiles even as it set. Conversations that lasted into the night with the Universe sleepily providing memories to discuss by. Roads that seemed to stretch forever. Connections that rekindled over an open flame. Glittering dust of yesterdays that marked their time on your todays. When I thought of the prompt for today, I thought of all these from this year.

I don’t buy jewelry apart from a sudden and recent penchant for junk bracelets. But in the end, my life this year, I think, was sprinkled with the sparkle of conversations, laughter, shared memories, remembrances, long meandering walks, solitude excursions, smiles from strangers, hugs from loved ones, and kisses from flowers, dogs, petals, books, and the Universe, urging me to be aware of my flaws and to continue the quest for a better me.

Did I sparkle this year? I think I did. Not in terms of perfection but because I was aware just how far a distance I have to bridge to reach the version of myself I desire to be. I slipped, fell, stumbled, and cried my way to this understanding. I am flawed. I sparkle, hence. May you all sparkle.

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