Ode to Monumental Ignorance and Stupidity

Uncategorized / Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Yes. I am frustrated. And strangely enough, not with myself. This is my ode to someone who believes in ruining a life that is easily led in a disturbing chaos of un-mindedness.

People lie their thoughts
Through oases of ignorance
Cloak their armor
In shrouds of defenses

If love is to understand
Then fatal it is to be true
Follies a friend must ignore
For this is the law of the “unaware” world

Belief in oneself is hard to find
Belief in another harder than sand
Trust is not a demand
Nor an act of surrender
It is an unnamed sea
Beyond which lies
The thoughts
that move the
aching pore and
bitter runt of the mind.

And defeated do I stand
For sense is a gem hidden
Somewhere beneath a mind quaked by fears
Tired do I stand
For the anguish of a sister
Is laid down and buried
By a lecherous mind
that swirls its grasp
In a cesspool of rituals
And buried alive
in a coffin of deception.

And bitter is the pill you have to take when you realize you are not deceiving anyone but yourself. Just your-self.

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