Everyday / Friday, December 8th, 2017

What colours can our mind weave? When I think of the word ‘green’, I am reminded of rolling hills, of vistas of green stretching away. I think of the feel of wet grass under my feet many years ago when I was teaching in an international school in Bangalore. But what does green remind me of this year?

And just as I look at the many photos of this year, all those photos, one catches my eye. The photo is of a single leaf – taken in Bylakuppe in May.


I was fascinated by the leaf because it had these beautiful thorns. How gentle a life when you have to bear thorns on your chest. I remember breathing words of comfort to that leaf. The green fading to yellow already. Perhaps, the leaf knew what I didn’t know then – that things would change, that nothing remains in the end. But there is something – at the end, I would ask the leaf did you lead a good life? Something tells me the answer is yes. Something tells me that I don’t know the answer if I am asked that question.

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