Fables from Across: Moving

Short Stories / Friday, March 20th, 2015

A green worm once became best friends with a little caterpillar. Together, they roamed the patch of grass that was as vast as their thoughts. It stretched all the way, and would take you two long strides to cover this patch. They would crawl along together in this infinity, talking about all the little things that friends never remember talking about. One day though, he woke up, excited to feel the sun shiver across his broad back, and turned around to call on his friend, who he hadn’t seen in many days. But instead of the little caterpillar, he saw above him the fluttering wings, the colors, and the beauty of a butterfly. As he wanders around stupefied, he suddenly knows what his heart is not telling him. That most butterflies have a lifespan of a year on average, and many only a month. Crying, the worm asks the butterfly: What happened to you? Where are you going?

And the butterfly smiles and says: There are many who come into our life. Some stay. Some go. But you realize that you learn more from the ones who go than the ones who stay.

Still teary-eyed, the green worm says: What can I learn from your going?
The butterfly replies in one word.

And that word, the green worm carries in his heart wherever he goes, learning to love change wherever he goes.

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