Uncategorized / Saturday, June 9th, 2007

It’s been a while since I wrote here. The Great Chinese Firewall has been at work again and access to Blogspot is again blocked. Strangely enough, I can access Blogger and post and edit my blog just the way I like – so thank you very much indeed you invisible Chinese policeman! I just should not read any of the blogs should I?

Today is also the day I was born. 28 years ago. In the blazing heat of a mid-summer day. No wonder that I have such a hot fiery temper! It’s been a pleasantly relaxing day so far. I spoke all night with Val and Vasant all the way till 4:30AM! Val’s gesture really touched me the most though. He actually had gone out – but had timed his return back so that he gets online at exactly 12:00 my time! That takes planning and that takes a lot of thought – no one really has done that. Yeah, call at 12:00 yeah…but not think about the time difference and then plan accordingly. Bunty was also a pleasant surprise – he too called around 15 minutes past midnight. And Birdie gave me the best T-shirt of all time! A T-shirt with Number Nine on it!! It was amazing really how much I had been searching for one like that and finally Birdie found it just by accident. Surprising also was David who came online late in the night to wish me and then called at 7AM his time!!

My sister didn’t sound all that great when my family called. Damn. I wish there is a easy way to dispense happiness in this world. Why does the one thing we crave for have to be so fucking difficult?

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