An Open Letter To A Closed Alphabet


I had shut this website for a week in September.  But. I didn’t close this blog for a week because I was scared. I know the tender marrow of fear very well, but I am choosing to make friends with it.  I am choosing to trust that when people promise me their protection, I should […]

September 16, 2021

The Incredible Magic Of The Universe


I really shouldn’t be writing a blog post now. Not mine, anyway. I should be spinning social media strategy for one client, content ideation for another, writing three structures for another client, ideating a logo for another, invoicing, paying writers, checking GST, tracking word counts, and generally acting very busy. I shouldn’t be writing anything […]

September 9, 2021

Healing Through Pain


For my Sunday long runs, I usually take a very scenic route on the outskirts of Bangalore. It’s a Bangalore far away from the noise, chaos, and dust. Here, hills loom in the distance. A lake laps away lazily. Yawning puppies nip at my feet. Startled cows stop their grazing to gaze. Birds get busy […]

September 8, 2021

Meeting Resilience


“I don’t know where I find resilience, honestly. Some days I find it; some days, I don’t. It looks different each day.” – Kirthi Jayakumar Late last year, I had to ghostwrite on gender gaps in technology for a celebrity client. I had been writing for this client for a while, yet I was never […]

August 11, 2021

Clouds And Blue


I woke up in the morning and went for a long, tiring interval run. I messed up the run settings on my smartwatch and had to manually set intervals each time, making the run a frustrating experience.  I then missed breakfast and went to meet a friend before she left for work.  I spent an […]

July 21, 2021

Words With Anukrti Upadhyay


Tucked away in the bylanes of Bangalore’s old colonial past is a quaint little bookstore cafe called Champaca. One day, a friend, who curates books there, asked me to follow their social media feed. I did, but I didn’t follow them. (Hush, don’t tell the friend). But because I had checked out their Instagram page, […]

July 1, 2021

Remembering Socks


It was a mild morning in Bangalore, overcast and heavy with the perfume of rain when I stepped out for my run. The city was yet to wake. I turned around the corner, and that’s when I saw him. A black shape curled up against a car’s tire.  It was Socks, a street dog I […]

June 25, 2021

The Immeasurable Resilience Of Us


“One more drive through Bangalore’s emptied roads. One more visit to the hospital. And this time, I hope not to go back again for a long, long, long time.” That. That is what I wrote in my last blog post.  We make wishes, we spin our thoughts on the fragile whispers of tomorrows, and hope, […]

June 6, 2021

Day 11: The Positivity In Us


One more drive through Bangalore’s emptied roads. One more visit to the hospital. And this time, I hope not to go back again for a long long long time.  The last time I had gone to the hospital, I made friends with this dog there. He hangs around near the X-ray center, and is a […]

May 2, 2021