Musings / Friday, March 18th, 2011

It’s the weekend! Doesn’t matter if you are a student or working, weekends are always welcome. Especially after you have worked hard during the week – in my case, cramming characters inside the very limited space called my head.

Today was yet another test, and I did slightly worse than last time. It takes great skill to decelerate, to climb down, to not progress, and I accomplished that! 75 was the score this time, although to be a little fair on my bruised ego, the test was feichang difficult this time. Still, I shall not beat my eyebrows to my ears – as Fu Julie says, learning a language is a process, not a grade. And that reminds me – tomorrow, I have to cook in Fu Julie’s house! I am supposed to make biryani and some other curry. I am thinking of aloo gobi – but any ideas would be welcome. It will be a funny biryani as we don’t get here the basmati or long grains that the biryani is famous for. What will I have to work around with would be a completely new kitchen, and some very sticky rice.

Hmm, should be interesting. I have never really cooked for others before – my attempts to cook at home always backfired. No one at home wants to try what I cook, especially since I use garlic and a lot of North Indian flavor in a very South Indian home. The one time I made something was for a potluck dinner in China some 6 years ago – that time, I had made some chilli bajjis (deep-friend green chillies coated with batter). Those were pretty easy. An entire lunch menu though is something else. Gosh. This is worse than the test!

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