When Kindness Makes You Cry

Musings / Sunday, August 11th, 2019

We live in a world where hope seems dry; where the dreams of our lives flutter like dusty rags; where we flounder in the decay of our putrid emotions. And then…you see this.

I had just gone to the hospital to get my monthly injections when my Dad told me to stop by at a snack shop because he wanted to buy chips. This being a narrow road, I told him to go on ahead, I would sit in the car in case I had to move. I sit there, thinking of all the negative swirl of the past few days. I sit there thinking of the changes I have been trying to process in myself since the Camino walk. And then, I decide to try one of the things I teach those who come asking me – reframing or rewiring our brain every time we get caught in our negative spiral. “Stop SM,” I tell myself. “Take a deep breath. Think of all the things you can be grateful for at this moment. Savor it.” So, I think of how gorgeous my Bangalore is today; how I am so happy to be out with my Dad; how lucky I am there are injections to treat you. Well, you get the drift. 

Then, I glance at where my Dad is and notice two people crouched on the pavement in front of the shop. Curious, I peer at them from the car. They seem to be examining something intently on the ground. The older of them is gesturing to the younger one, guiding him. Then, the younger man gets up, holding something in his fingers. As I watch, he walks over to the house next to the shop and gently keeps whatever is in his hand at the gate. A few moments later, he gets on the bike and rides away with the older man. My Dad comes back, and I start Toopi. But I can’t drive away. I get out and walk over to the gate, trying to spot what the man had kept.  

There moving ever so slowly is a baby snail. The sweetest baby snail. Rescued from being squashed on the pavement. It is slowly moving toward the house. Toward safety. Did I just see this? I want to cry. I want to jump up and down and tell everyone – that here, here is a miracle.

This is what I would like to believe we are – at heart, we are deeply compassionate beings. The sort of people who will stop whatever we are doing because we have to rescue a snail and escort it to safety. 

Amid all the rancor, pettiness, egoism that swirls and fades in our life, we have so much space for kindness. That baby snail made me smile today. Made me want to hug the Universe. Those two men may never know, but their actions did more than save the snail. They saved me. 

Whenever possible, try to be compassionate. And it is always possible.  Always. 


8 Replies to “When Kindness Makes You Cry”

  1. Aawwww this is beautiful. While I panic why are you on injections, I can’t stop but admire the way u talk about changes Camino walk has had on you, you talk about snapping out of our own mindful drama, so much more. Indeed a miracle and sweet of you to share. Wonder what did Uncle say when he got inside the car and you got out 😉

    1. Haha, Sheetal – I didn’t have my phone with me even. I asked him for his phone. I then went over and took a photo, but he didn’t wonder why. I think my family is too used to me suddenly stopping here and there and taking photos of random flowers, bugs, and beautiful weeds.

  2. Your curiosity got the best of you. You had to investigate. You were rewarded by seeing a gesture of sweet compassion. Spread kindness everyday, even when you are down and don’t believe in humankind.

    1. Karen – thank you. A certain book is on its way to you and will meet you in Texas. Can’t wait for my sister to meet you. I hope you will love ‘The Rabbit and the Squirrel’ as much as I did

  3. Yes. Its actually so easy to be kind,if only one would take time out for others.

    The amount of miracles that occur in front of us is astonishing. And yet,we don’t notice them or if we do,we pass them off by finding a logical explanation for their occurance. Oh,if we could just use our hearts more and our head’s a little less,it would be a fine balance.

    1. Poodle – you are also so kind. I am learning from you – your earnest desire to help and your belief in….ok…God to you…the Universe to me…

      Thank you for being there in my life and showing me the way.

  4. This really melted me. How lucky that you got to see this. Such an amazing affirmation, isn’t it? Of the goodness and kindness in the world.

    1. An affirmation of? Smile. Indeed. There is so much good in the world. And you are one of the kindest people I know – I can’t do half the things you do. I wouldn’t. Now just be kind to me also, ok? 😉

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