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Uncategorized / Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

I thought I was energized. Now, strangely as I write this post all I can look forward to is the lure of the bed behind me and blessed sleep to come.

Sleep, ah, that reminds me. I had a wonderful safari dream last night. Complete with a tiger, stampeding elephants, and pounding horses. Some of the scenes are still etched in my mind – the tiger barrages through the table in front of me – an elephant is pulled down by people – and the last tumultuous scene where horses gallop down the slope and I run down a hillside path, calling for my sister to come to me. The things we wake up to sometimes – with me it is always a night of drama and adventure.

Today was by small accounts quite dramatic. The sequence of events in their totality might be mundane but dissected in their individual elements – it seems like a barrel of life had just unloaded itself on me.

  • The bizarre dream
  • Morning calls to Angie to explain that Birdie is not ‘well’.
  • Arrive at class at 10:10 and find that a class of 40+ is now reduced to just 30 or so. They are lazy and indifferent and look like they would rather be anywhere but here. After the ten-minute break, more students disappear – not really a judgment on the quality of my class but on their own lack of enthusiasm.
  • During the break, I walk outside to buy chocolates for the best team in the class. I find Spoon surrounded by the “leaders” of the school. The mini-conference didn’t look pleasant and I could only assume that Spoon with his bent head was getting the shouting of his life.
  • I walk in to the shop with the 10 Yuan note in my hand. I pick up the pack of chocolates. 10 Yuan note is no longer in my hands. A search on the shop floor yields no results. I must have dropped it somewhere I think. I am angry, disgusted and displeased with my absent-mindedness. Of late, it has assumed proportions where I feel that I might forget to wear clothes the next time I finish a shower. With these thoughts raging in my mind, I try to quiet my own ineptitude and this feeling of unrest in me that I have become hopelessly dependent on Birdie. I enter the class. Close the door. Eva, one of my students comes to the door. I tell her about my adventure in the shop. Eva looks down, bends and comes up with my 10 Yuan note. How how how did it land there on the floor? It is beyond explanation. Beyond bizarre.
  • Another minor miracle – I actually wanted to talk more on the phone today. Spoke for more than an hour with my parents on a whole range of subjects. Only a cursory mention to marriage…but beyond that it was just conversation…and how I loved it…and them.
  • Bolstered by that talk, in a much better frame of mind than what I have been over the past few days, I walk to PDL. Buy a pair of red shorts from the children’s section. Wonder of wonders…it fits!
  • And I believed that the lady with my favorite street snack would be there at her usual place instead of prone to disappearance as she has done all this while. I told Birdie “She will be there. My luck is changing.” She was there! I had my favorite snack.
  • Spoke to Val for another 30 minutes.
  • Checked my mail and found a job offer from IDG. WHOA! Not really a small company as I thought but a huge huge media organization!
  • And now I am wondering…is my luck really changing? Could it be after all these months where the universe conspired to bring its results against every wish and whim of mine that now now now may finally be the moment where it begins to work for me? Is my luck really changing? Or maybe I should stop wondering and start believing. I believe that belief does wonders.

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