To Love Or Not To Love

Writing / Monday, February 12th, 2024

We are soulmates.
Until we aren’t.

Best friends.
Until we aren’t.

We match. Unmatch. Swipe. Block. Casually fling away people the way we uninstall apps. Where is love in the middle of it all?

This messy appendage that comes with not just the placid lakes but the boiling lava of a burning volcano?

Who are we without our relationships?
Who are we when we can’t relate?

I don’t know the answers. So, I asked a few good people for this Deccan Herald feature on relationships. (Of the romantic variety)

What I understand from having spoken to them and the research for this:
➡ We need connection. Now, more than ever.

➡ We are struggling with the choices that dating apps give us.

➡ We can endure a lot in the name of love.

➡ Love isn’t pretty rainbows and a song and dance. Love is in the messy innards. The bile that stays after the romance fades. The stuff that says, “I see your dark, and you see mine.” Deep love is always to be found on the edges of discomfort. Love has everything. It has nothing.

➡ No one is really happy. Not with love. Not without it.

We are all here, trying to do our best. We are messy. Living with flaws.

But there is no one among us who doesn’t deserve love.

I hope you send some love to someone today. 

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