The Stalk

Everyday / Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

You can stalk my site.

108 pageviews

In one session.

Dec 14th.

Time: 2pm onward.

You spend more time on the pages where I mentioned everything I had gone through, trying to find ways to damn me.

You won’t succeed.

You read on and on. A relentless read of all pages. Pages 2. Pages 3. Pages 4. Pages 5. On and on.

A frenzy of an hour or so. Click, click, click.

You can choose to read all you want. You can block, fume, rave, rant.

You can choose hatred and anger. You and anyone who supports this behavior can fume how much of a scumbag I am who will ‘bitch’ about what was done to me to all and sundry. You will question my values but never yours and doubt my moral compass but never think of yours. You can cast me as the devil.

Here’s me saying this: I. DON’T. CARE.

You won’t stop my healing. You won’t stop my desire to make this world a kinder place. A world where I will always make my voice heard against misogyny. I will continue to build my world around compassion and healing.

Has this year taught you nothing? Has reading all of my posts not shown you how much a person was affected? How long will you go on like this, stalking my website in an obsessive frenzy and blocking anyone who doesn’t agree with you? How long that you allow pride and ego to hold you imprisoned?How long before you understand that love and kindness are healers, not anger and contempt?

Life will catch up – it always does. Life taught me to respect people. To respect life itself. Because both aren’t permanent. You can treat me and others like disposable tissues, you can consider yourself so hard-done because I dare to talk, and your sense of shame is not from your actions but that others know. You can stew and bake, but courage does not come from stalking my site or blocking. It does not mean sending nasty emails or messages. You so want to know? Have the courage to reach out and know rather than stalk my site.

Courage is that voice of kindness that says you deserve more than the shit you are giving to others and yourself.

And no matter what, I will heal.


To my regular readers: Ignore this post. It’s meant for someone who should never have visited my site, not after hiding behind the cover of darkness and arrogance without empathy.