The Relativity Of Time

Musings / Saturday, April 8th, 2023

“Time is relative.” – A wise philosopher in Chennai told me this a couple of years ago.

The quote then was a nonsense, mocking response to a serious question.

But here I sit, in 2023, buffeted by stormy winds, blowing skies, and a loose sun, and I thought, let’s revisit that quote, shall we? This time, without shallowness.

Time is relative, isn’t it?

Things we have time for:

– Starting a new business.
– Getting that degree.
– Making that money.
– Writing that book. Directing that movie. Acting in that play. Watching that match.
– Reading that book. Buying that car. Buying that house.
– Taking that trip.
– Creating that career.

Things we have so little time for:

– Caressing that wrinkle in your parents’ aged faces.
– Tracing the curls in your child’s hair. 
– Just holding hands.
– Lying down next to your pet.
– Saying ‘I love you’ again and again. Especially to those who have never heard that from you. 
– Making that call and saying, ‘I am sorry.’ Making that call and saying, ‘I forgive you.’
– Meeting that friend who knows your soul.
– Listening. 
– Breathing. 
– Walking. Running. Dancing. Just moving.

Time is relative, isn’t it?

Today and all days, I hope you find the time that gives you meaning and joy, and the time that is your friend, guiding you along this brittle path of life. 

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