The Inscrutable Messiness of one Moment

Everyday, Musings / Saturday, December 6th, 2014

The laptop fan whirrs. Hot air on a mildly cold Bangalore evening. Outside, faint music reaches my ears. A lizard mutters to itself. And a frog (?) enjoys its own rhythmic music. From the neighbors house in front, I can hear voices. My fingers create their own pitter patter on the keyboard. The laptop is new and I am struggling with these keys that are slightly wider spaced than my old one. I can hear my Mom in the kitchen. Vessels, and the smell of dosa wafting through. A motorbike rushes to life and drives away. Someone says Hi. And just like that you realize that there is so much  happening in a moment. If only you pause to listen. Perhaps, this too is meditation.

To be aware of the immensity of each moment. So much contained in it. Who can see  this moment, now frozen in digital capsules on  my online wall, and ask “So, what happened? Nothing.”


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