Everyday / Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

What kind of a prompt would make you think of sweetness? For some, it might be the sweetness in their morning cup of coffee. To others, the sweetness in a pancake. And for many others, sweetness means the joy of moments lingering by, long after they have gone.

Sweetness is the hug of a cherished friend.

Sweetness is my Mom cooking something for me, despite all her struggles with diabetes.

Sweetness is the warmth of a touch from a loved one.

Sweetness is the whisper of a flower, leading its glorious life, short and brimming with the nectar of preciousness.

Sweetness is the way my Dad calls me for all the “wifey” problems (Wifi, in case you are wondering).

Sweetness is my sister always messaging me every time she thinks Birdy and I have fought and telling me “Don’t ever lose her,” with as much sternness as she can muster.

Sweetness is the good morning every day from my brother-in-law.

Sweetness is the words from all those beautiful authors who wrote stories that enrich my life.

Sweetness is the care from my adopted sister.

Sweetness is the packaged form of love in every form. Sweetness is also your anger, your rage, and your frustration. Because only fools think that love can exist without those. Love is a kaleidoscope of wayside sweets, confectionery, and candies, sold to you by everyone but understood only by some. Sweetness is knowing that I have so much love to give in to and so much to give away. Come, grab a candy, and make yourself home.

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