Soundtrack Of 2016

Everyday / Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


I haven’t listened to much music this year. There is a reason why. I lost my Ipod Touch late last year. I hunted around thinking I will buy another one. But I abandoned that hunt after realizing that my bank sent me a stern message on my expenses.

Since then, I have hardly listened to music. I find myself more attuned to the music in my mind and sometimes, music becomes an unwarranted intrusion. Most of the songs I listen to are while I am driving or running. Even then, I prefer listening to one or two songs on the loop. So, what really can be the “Soundtrack of 2016?” for me?

I think it has to be this song. I had downloaded a list of popular songs for listening while running. This was a chance discovery from that. I had never heard the artist before. But the song had a tinge of melancholy, which I am always drawn to. How can I not be drawn to lines like “The light is fading now. My force is being sucked by a bloody leech?” And then lilt away into “I can hear the birds, I can see them fly, I can see the sky, it’s a battle cry?” Especially, when it resonates with hope?

I don’t know if I’ll get through

I wanna be floating in space

But I gotta stay stay stay, stay stay stay STAY

This was my soundtrack of 2016. My Castle In The Snow by Avener.

2 Replies to “Soundtrack Of 2016”

  1. Aww. I can’t hear the song you chose. It’s “not available in [my] country”. 🙁

    I know what you mean about listening to songs on loop. I tend to do that when I’m going through some sort of emotional thing. I know it drives my husband crazy, though!

    1. Is it? How strange. 🙁 I keep getting that here in India. I thought every song is available in the US of A. :d. And yayay for listening to songs on the loop even if it drives others around us crazy!

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