Some Fun. Most Learn.

Musings / Thursday, March 10th, 2011

That’s my life so far. Not that many are interested in finding out these little bits about my life, but I go on anyway. The soulful warrior out to paste these little thoughts from some inane corner of my mind, and herald it from the rooftops of the Internet. That’s me. Yeah.

Since the Sunday last, the days here have passed in a whirlwind flurry of occasional sunshine and morose cloudy dampness. There was one pleasant afternoon when Dawei, the quiet Englishman came over to my room to have some popcorn, and generally proved to be more talkative when facing just one or two people than a group. Hmm, I was/am like that too. Apart from that, we had a test on Wednesday. I didn’t do too bad, obtained 82. But Dawei got more than me, and my competitive juices from Different Types of Juicers are sloshed in ignominy right now. As a student in middle and high school, I sucked. I was content to be somewhere at the bottom of the pile, and working hard meant desperately trying not to flunk. Then I went to college, and suddenly, I was the star of the show, or at least that’s how my teachers perceived me as. One teacher thought I ought to try harder, work more, and I could obtain a rank (a sort of grading system in India). I never did at that time. Only during my Masters did I really work hard, and that paid off then.

So now, to get less than Dawei – not that I dislike him, he is very sweet in a sort of “who-are-you-I-can’t-remember” way. I can visualize him being the lost waif in school, picked on my all and sundry, struggling with money and unable to find the girls. Gosh, I hope he never reads this blog. But anyway, I hated my 82, and now spend most of my time doing what I came here to do in the first place – study.

Today, Julia, the lone American came with Dawei, me, Birdy, Yoke, and the South Korean for lunch. Afterwards, with bubble tea in our hands, we walked around to the cinema nearby, trying to see if they show English movies. Of course, they do. So our next effort was to see if Angelina Jolie really speaks English, and not Chinese in the movie. Well, apparently she does. A ticket was RMB70 – our faces fell at the cost, but a student discount  makes it RMB35. Aah. Much better.

Later in the day, a spot of badminton to brighten the miserable weather today. And now, I shall go and resume my studying. No 82s again, huh?

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  1. Oh no… its always a pleasure reading what you write and knowing more about your life in China, what makes you feel that we are not interested? I just feel like reading on and on… Keep more coming in.

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