Sneak Peek Into The Star Whisperer

Everyday / Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

 In 2019, I sat for a month and wrote a YA novel. 

It seemed to write itself, and after it was done, I sent a few letters to publishers when the manuscript wasn’t fully formed. The expected rejections set me back, and I pushed the novel away. 

But my friend didn’t let go. She kept asking me what I would do with ‘The Star Whisperer.’ I wanted to throw the manuscript away. But. Somehow, a miracle editor in the form of Dagny entered my life. She read the plot – for a fee – but I would pay her twice for what she did. She could identify what wasn’t fitting well and told me that the novel couldn’t be friendship or romance – choose one, she said, and this rambling uncertain voice in the manuscript will stop. I had based the novel on the intense friendship between two girls with the confusion of a romantic attraction, but here was Dagny telling me to go all out and stick to one.

I was hurt. My ego reared its ugly head. But when better sense prevailed, I understood Dagny’s wisdom. I sat and rewrote the manuscript novel – this time as a romance. I tried to put myself in the anxious minds of two teenagers who are fumbling with non-heteronormative attraction. Is it friendship? Is it attraction? How do you even know your ‘identity?’

It wasn’t easy. But I am glad I stuck at it. This year, I will push ‘The Star Whisperer’ out to publishers. I have easier ways – authors who are willing to put in a word to publishers. But I want to do this the hard way. Let the novel be read for what it is: a story of love and grief, and above all, love.

Today and all days, I send you love and light.

Here’s a glimpse into what the novel is:

6 Replies to “Sneak Peek Into The Star Whisperer”

  1. I’m with Swati. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be watching you on Opra flogging your new book. Seriously, let’s hope this is the breakthrough book. Publishers, wake up and take note!


  2. Wow. I have not been able to concentrate on any reading these past few months but I’ve enjoyed reading this. And, I’m impatient to read more.
    Thank you for getting me interested in reading once again. Waiting for the the full book….I know its going to be one of my favourites.

  3. I CANNOT wait to see this sitting with the book cover I imagined in shop windows. And you’re going to keep your calendar free for author interviews and book tours soon. Yes, however much you say no, that’s what going to happen *crossing arms defiantly

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