On The Ground

Musings / Thursday, December 8th, 2016

I looked at the prompt. Then, I pushed myself off my chair and lay down on the ground. The floor was cool under my T-shirt, and I could feel the coolness settle in on the bare skin of my legs. The ceiling fan stood motionless. The incandescent light blinked at me steadily, its white light making no difference to where I lay. I folded my hands under my head and gazed at the ceiling. The yellow curtains hung loosely. I felt grounded to the earth beneath me even though I knew this was just the first floor of an apartment building. My body felt calmer, like it didn’t have to bear my restlessness with it any longer.

I think there is a reason why “Shavasana” or the “Corpse” Pose is considered the most important in yoga. On the ground, life seemed simpler, sweeter, and serene. Sometimes, I think in our mad rush to lead our lives, to move on, to get on with it, with all the phrases and mumbo-jumbo we stuff our heads with, it pays to just surrender to the ground. For a moment. I recommend it.

Try “On The Ground,” when you feel like the sky is falling. :-). There is a reason why leaves fall to the ground. It’s not just gravity. It’s Life telling you to take a different view. A view from right below and you will find, that you will be grateful for that view. It will not take away the problems in your life, that messy divorce or that abusive boyfriend, or that stuck career or that hateful manager, or the depleting bank account. No. Those are real problems. They exist, and we need to deal with those, in any way we can.


Yet, take a minute to lay yourself on the ground. Take those problems with you as well. Hug them close and watch them flutter from the ceilings of your mind. Feel the weight and know that one day, these too will fall to the ground.

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