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Musings / Monday, September 14th, 2009

Here I was, on the Net, this vast compendium of information. Pages and pages of all the thoughts that passed through minds. Pages of all the information on earth compressed into bit pieces and megabytes. Images of all the pictures that move through our minds. Affixed forever on the white backgrounds of metallic moments. Resting in reams unwritten. Repose for cemeteries of words. Buried in a place that does not exist. This Net. Invisible. But true. An interconnection of an unconnected universe.

And here amidst all the junk, all the garbage, all the wisdom, all the power lies this online experiment. Wikipedia. An encyclopedia. Open to editing. For anyone. The power of all this information. A people movement for the ages. And it was here that I came in search of advertising slogans. For that moment, a chore became a delight. I glanced through all the slogans. Hundreds of them. Cars. Perfumes. Sunglasses. TVs. Burgers. Chicken. Jeans. Beer. Cola. Sweaters. Shampoos. Cameras. Phones. All these things that make our lives. That move our lives. That are our life. We work for these. We live for them. They formed a little poem all by themselves. Here, I didn’t have to write them, even. They just arranged themselves into our lives. All I had to do was to cut them to shape the life I know. Like jigsaw puzzles. Anyone ever tried selling life for a song? If my life were to be a slogan, what would it be? What would yours be?

Life fitting into pieces
Cutting into words
Piecing images
Life is business
Life is sell.

Sell. Market. Change. Your life.

An IDEA can change your life-


Going beyond the call

It’s all within your reach

Listening. Answering

Reach out and touch someone

Your true voice

Your true choice.

Make the most of now…

To be what you are takes nothing. It is our life…

Stay Connected

Express Yourself

Be inspired


It’s so simple…

Life is. Simpliflying. Mesmerising. Life is all about trying.

Keep exploring

Keep Going

Think Different

See what the future has in store

Turn On The Fun

Life is Fun. Frolic. Pain. Misery. Life is. Boredom and melancholy. We are life.

Who are you?

Where you at?

Where do you want to go today?


It’s all inside

The power to be your best

And you’re done.

Life though is never done. Whirlwind of changes. Seasoned in time. Fated with destiny.

Because life is not a spectator sport

Because life’s complicated enough

For Life Ain’t no reason to go anyplace else

So tough, it’s beautiful…

Do You Dare?

Just Do It

Live richly

Reach Higher

Don’t Give Up a Thing

It’s time to fly

Unlock the magic

Why not?

Because I’m worth it.

Because life is worth it.

The world of business. And the world of poetry. Material soul. Who ever said they didn’t match?

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