Uncategorized / Friday, April 27th, 2007

It’s happening! Birdie and I are on our way to Sanya! Whoa boy! Who would have ever thought it possible! I have circles under my eyes but I am off to see circles in the sky. I have a mind on a leash…waiting to be freed to fly on the azure sea. Today has been another mad day. Yesterday, I was literally on my feet from 8AM to 9PM. Today…another marathon day. Today also my sister’s birthday 🙂

And…I have to take classes tomorrow. Another of the college’s stupid policies. I have had better things to fight out in my life – arguing with an inept bumbling Head of the English Department (a head who doesn’t know a word of English) is not one of the fights that will be worth it. I have a flight at 6PM – not a fight…and for now, I will leave it that way.

Sanya. Beaches. Sea. Sand. Sun (not looking forward to the Sun bit). Every bit of the madness of the past week has been worth it. Hong Kong – I will come to you another day. Another month in the summer of June, I will meet you again.

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