I Discovered That…

Everyday / Monday, December 11th, 2017

Awareness is a long, painful road.

When I started meditating more after my Vipassana retreat last year, awareness was the first step you must embark on. And that’s kind of the first and last step really. There are no more levels of awareness – there are just gradations to it. This year I discovered that…

  • I am grappling to accept the knowledge that awareness gives me.
  • I discovered that I am capable of love and hatred at the same time and same moment, even. I realized that I have to learn how to be kind. Truly.
  • I discovered that mental fragility is all too familiar.
  • I discovered that I have a long way to go to get comfortable.
  • I discovered the beauty in life when you contemplate Death.
  • I discovered that that year brought beautiful surprises, unpleasant drama, and I discovered my tribe – the kind of people who really will stick up for me and stay with me all my life.

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