I Am In Love

Musings / Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

I am in love. Love. Love. Love.

Ah, did your narrow mind think of only one reference here? Smile. I am not going to talk about that kind of love here. Well, not yet anyway. Today, I am going to talk about how I am in love with the Universe.

I went running today morning in a different place. Here, the roads were wide, and the fields greener. My run today was a speed run. If you haven’t ever run before, then know that a speed run is just faster running. The kind of run we used to run as kids – just wild, free, and in love with the rhythm of your body.

A speed interval run allows you to run at a faster pace for a short duration of, say, 30 seconds or so. I love speed workouts usually. And today, I loved it more.

As I warmed up, I saw this:

I am just getting started, said the Sky.

Then, during the ‘rest’ periods, when you slow down, I saw the sky turn and reveal these:

Watch me change, the Sky murmured
Look, look, look while you run

I was running alone. But I felt hugged, caressed, and loved by the sheer beauty of this world we live in. No. It doesn’t mean I am all sorted out in life and I have no problems at all, leaving me free to crow about sun shows like this. No. If Life is sometimes about being in the moment, then this moment was precious. You might ask me, “Aren’t all moments precious, SM?” And yes, I agree! That’s exactly the understanding we will arrive at in life someday. I hope that day won’t be too late. That we won’t gather our withered carcasses away from the debris of life and death and then say, “I wish I had more moments that were precious in life.”

For today, I am in love. I am grateful that even if I don’t wake up tomorrow and never see another sunrise, I got to see this.


Know that the Universe has your back. Know that there is love within you and all this love outside of you.

Do you have a precious moment today? One? Many? Then, smile because you are blessed.

6 Replies to “I Am In Love”

  1. Hi Smitha – Many, many years ago when I was a cross country runner, we used to call that regime “wind sprints.” There is a pace at which breathing and footfalls become a pattern, a rhythm. For me, that is when the mind is free to go into what I can only call a meditative state. I’m no longer able to exercise at that level and running in 40 degree weather is way out of the question for me. However, I can achieve the same state while swimming. Swimming demands that breathing and arm strokes must be coordinated, so lap time in the pool quickly becomes a meditation. Unhappily, no beautiful skies while looking down at the lane markers or the ceiling.

    Sounds like you got a real endorphin and natural high. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Dave yes. That’s why I love running. Just becomes meditative. I love the joy of running faster. Not too fast that you become exhausted, but just that right pace. I am so grateful that I can run at all. Every day I remind myself of that.

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