Five Things About Me-2

Everyday / Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

I wrote a much longer post for the Five Things About Me last year. This year, though, it’s much shorter.

  1. I have written a book of short stories that I am too scared to pass on to a publisher.
  2. I have difficulty in letting go – of things and people,  but once I do, then the door is shut on them. I can persist with people for a long, long time, but then it’s over if I say it’s over.
  3. I once pooped in kindergarten and had the most embarrassing, mortifying moment of realizing that my hands were smeared with my own shit. Somehow, that is symbolic of the way I have led my life since then.
  4. I used to get regular headaches before acupuncture in China reduced the frequency and intensity.
  5. I can get up at any time in the morning, and these days, I consciously choose not to fall in with the majority who seem to love sleeping at 4AM, and find it funny, ridiculous, and amusing that I like to sleep at 9:30PM. I used to accommodate my schedule around the so-called night owls’, but these days, I don’t give a fuck.

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