Finding The Fun In Life

Mental Health, podcast / Friday, March 3rd, 2023

How do you create a podcast that surges to the top in just 2 days?

How do you create a show that knocks off a therapist talking about dating and relationships?


He knows.

I don’t consider myself a podcast host – call me a writer if you may be feeling so generous. But podcast host is not a label that sits well with me.

And I struggle with calls from men after a previous stalking incident. But when I started speaking with Shantesh S Row for the MyndStories Podcast, whom I don’t know in ‘real’ life, I didn’t feel my usual anxiety.

All I felt was a remarkable ease. There was no linear script to follow. There isn’t a single edit – no cuts, snips, and jagged contours of voices fading in and out in this show.

You are part of a conversation that unfolds between two strangers. This is what we do best as humans: make improbable connections of kindness, honesty, and the occasional wisdom.

In sharing our stories, we make sense of this life. Even if for a moment.

And you know what I learned the most from this conversation?

🔹To have fun.

I had forgotten to value each day, wallowing as I was in the past. I was being guided by my darkness, not light. I had somehow forgotten that laughing heartily every day is a precious gift.

Do you know how to have a conversation that gives you that memory of laughter back?

I know now.

And I invite you to listen in and share the fun. Have some fun this Friday. May we all learn how to think like a child and evaluate like adults. May we lean into chaos and find calm.

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