Short Stories / Sunday, August 25th, 2013
Walking around in the graveyard, little flowers peeked underneath the grass. Long blades of grass. Shifting in the autumnal breeze. The ground underneath didn’t bear thinking but it should. The flowers. The grass. The stones. The tombstones. Underneath lies rotting carcasses. Bones of death. Flesh decayed. Molten fluid surrendering to the fresh earth. I walked on the grass, crunching mud under my sneakers.There it was. The one tombstone I was looking for. It was mine.

RIP: Today.

That was it. There was no date. I looked at it. I wondered what lay dead under Today. Memories? Friends? Foes? Thoughts?

Frantic to know, I bent down. On one knee. Dug the earth. Bare hands. Knuckles scraping. The tombstone seemed to be mocking me. Scrabble more. And then it happened. Worms. Wriggling. They crawl onto my hands. My knees. I jumped up. A wordless scream that scrapes my insides. More and more worms. I glance around. The skies have darkened. I run. Away from Today. Glancing back, I see that the tombstone almost seems alive. I run. Faster. And then I stop. In front of me lies Tomorrow. And I..see…that there is no difference. The worms exist here too.

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