Day 8: The Positivity Of Strangers

Everyday / Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Today is a tough day. I had a bit of a rasping cough and more fatigue today. My Mom continues to be better, while Susheela is given another experimental injection. 


Every now and then, I am astonished at what I receive. 

I am going to paste here an exchange that deeply touched me. I don’t “know” Deepika – we had only interacted on LinkedIn through a few comments on some posts here and there. Imagine when I receive this:

Hi Smitha,

How have you been? Don’t see you around. Dropped by to check on your well-being.

Tough times – but,we shall together sail through the choppy waters🙂

Take care and stay safe



I had tears in my eyes when I read this. I couldn’t fathom why a stranger would even think of me and notice my absence on LinkedIn. I told her so, and that the most I do these days is write something here on my blog. She wrote a message that can heal even the most cynical side of my heart:

Hi Smitha,

I suddenly felt your absence today on the platform and had this hunch, considering the trying times we all are in. Please take good care, wishing you all a speedy recovery. 

I am sorry to know the inevitable hit you and your loved ones. Glad your mom is back from hospital…your sister will be back home soon. I hope you-all are recuperating well and judiciously following the health care process that should ensue post the test results. I understand how crazy it must be for you and yours amidst the mayhem. This too shall pass.. stay put 🙂 You are in thoughts.

Smitha, there is this gentleman on the platform ,a certain Ankit Vengurlekar -India Managing Editor at LinkedIn News from Bangalore and he is driving this thoughtful initiative of arranging healthy home cooked food for Covid patients from HSR layout, Koramangala . Concerned, as to how you are managing it all. Please do let me know if I can be of any help . I am from Vijayawada, AP but, can connect with folks, like this person, who can be of help in Bangalore.

I am definitely following your blog from now on, thank you for sharing. We are doing ok by the grace of god but, there is grim around, heart wrenching at different levels  and the uncertainty is overwhelming and scary too. 

Hopeful of a new and beautiful tomorrow for us all:)

Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Sending love and healing your way.



That name has brought me much pain over these last few years. But in one short exchange, this beautiful stranger erased much of it. I have no words to write anymore. I can only say your heart is warm, large, and beautiful, Deepika. 

Later, I saw that this wonderful boy I had never even interacted with, Chandan, wrote the most beautiful comment on a post. I wish to paste that comment in full tomorrow because his words brought me light, and I hope it brings you light too. 

What can I say when there are beautiful exchanges like this? I can feel a little less tired. I can cough less. I look forward to making the same difference in someone else’s life that you have made in mine, Deepika and Chandan. 

Random acts of kindness are miracles. Continue to be kindness miracle workers. I am hopeful of a new and beautiful tomorrow for us all because of you.

I also reached out to “strangers” after this because I felt that this act of kindness must be forwarded. We never know who we can touch by the simple act of just checking in. Would you do the same?



6 Replies to “Day 8: The Positivity Of Strangers”

  1. So many people reaching out to you, you have gift to write what is in our hearts.

    Please take care of yourself as well as you are taking care of your mom and sister.

  2. I think this note from this Deepika was just what you needed right now. I’m thankful to her for bringing you some cheer during this covid ordeal.

    Wags from the poodle ☺️

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