Day 10: The Positivity Of Hanging On

Everyday / Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Today was one of the best days, so far. I spent more time sleeping, more time talking to my Mom, and less time feeling tired. 

We spent the afternoon playing a game. And then, I stepped out onto the roof. The sky was leaden grey, cloudy and muggy. I missed the sunset. I missed the warm rays of the sun. A lizard scampered by, baby in its claws, but still too fast and furious for me. 

I paced a little up and down, wearing my mask. I wished I could jog, but I realized that effort is not something I can summon up. Yet. 

And then, I saw this. 

I crouched lower, he/she/they scurried away. “Wait,” I said. He/she/they paused. And waited. I looked at the spider in amazement. They remained still. I took out my phone, wiped the lens, which had become foggy in the humidity, and took a photo. Is it a spelfie if it’s a spider photo?

I waved the spider away. “Go. Thank you.” They did. 

How silly you might think. I am having a conversation with a spider while having Covid. 

But just as the spider hung on, waiting for me to take the photo, I think we are in this too, hanging on.

Just hang in there. We are in this. Together.

Much light,


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