Musings / Monday, October 4th, 2010

Coming back from lunch on Saturday, my sister entered my room, and exclaimed, “Wow. Your room looks so cozy.” I glanced around when she said that. True. It did look cozy that time. The curtains had been drawn. The bright sun outside had been filtered to just a muted light that seemed inviting and lulling. It was the light that made the room appear almost snuggled in. On my bed was Captain, the heroic mascot from the Empire State Building. A few books. A massage ball. I wouldn’t call my room cozy, but it made me think…I love cozy.

I love cozy houses. And I thought, my best relationships too have a cozy feel to them. You just feel cozy when you are with such people you have that rapport with – I share that coziness for example, with my traveling friends – I can happily rest my head on the shoulders of one friend or plonk myself across the lap of another without feeling like I was violating some gay sacrosanct – it is just coziness that makes you feel so utterly well, cozy. In that light, great relationships are just that. They cast a warm fuzzy glow in your lives. A wonderful welcoming light. And they make you feel that you have well, come home.

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