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Musings / Sunday, March 25th, 2012
I have had a long weekend. Friday was a holiday, and it was a welcome recharge. I was asking a good friend of mine – how are you happy every day? Or rather not being sad in this the 21st century itself is a sign of happiness, is it not? “I just get through each day,” she said in reply. I think about this now. And it makes me sad. Like this little cancer has set in our soul – we just want to get through each day? There are so moments in each day – and yet we have no time for the moments. Is this the balm of this decade? That we just survive? And that is good enough to get through life?

I know not these answers. Yet everyday, I feel like there is this heaviness in my chest – a golf ball or perhaps a cricket ball even that has lodged itself in my chest, and every time I swallow mediocrity in existence, it gets entrenched even more.

Another friend of mine told me that she reads – to escape the darkness. It is a sentence that has been swirling in my head ever since I read those words. I read too. But my darkness? It swirls around me – my shadow that fades with the light. I cannot escape it, I must embrace it. And in doing so, get through each day.

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