Can writing right the right?

Everyday / Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

It’s been a weird day for me today. Woke up feeling cranky – don’t remember the dream I had -then had to change my plans for a movie in order to go with my Dad for the ring he wanted to gift me. It didn’t help my crankiness. Breakfast was supposed to be dosa but knowing how much my Mom hates cooking these days, didn’t feel like troubling her to the extent of preparing it for me. You know, that’s one thing I hate about living with parents – I have no voice of my own, no independence that moves on confidence – I feel like a fish out of water, not knowing where even the most essential items are so that I can cook something.

Yet I did cheer up after the ring-buying session. Now the ring is not purely out of my choice. I had to choose what an astrologer had to say -cat eye stone or something as weird as that. I sleepwalked through with my frustration of the day mounting on the gems – I did wake up finally to choose what I wanted. I came back, had the same chitranna that I hate – now feeling so damn hungry as I type. Well, it has been that kind of a day really. The sun beating down and pummelling all life force out of me.

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