Musings / Monday, September 13th, 2010

Today, I just wanted to write just how incredibly blessed I am. In between the moanings and musings on this blog, it may not seem apparent just how thankful I am for the life I lead. But I am. I have had rough times. Tough times. I have lost more than I could hold. But I still hold more than I lost.

I am blessed in leading a healthy life. Yes, I still can’t run 5km without grimacing, but I can run!

I am blessed in having parents who don’t push me the way I have seen others do. Yes, I have fights with them. Each time, I understand them better when I do.

I am blessed in earning more money in a year than most of India’s population do. Yes, it’s not as much as others I can compare to, but it is sufficient. With this money, I have traveled. Bought books. Bought gifts. And done all the wonderful things that money indeed can buy.

I am blessed in having some wonderful relationships. People who came into my life, enriched me with their presence. Not all of them stayed, but sometimes it’s not the staying that matters, but the lines they draw on our lives well afterward. I am blessed in having learned more of myself from them. And for the ones who have stayed, I can only be more thankful.

I am blessed in seeing a little bit more of the world each day. Each year. I am blessed with experiences that have nurtured my soul, watered it with the precious water of life itself.

I am blessed I can read. Write. Walk. Run. Love. Hate. Scorn. Move. Cry. Laugh. And really I can only say thank you to Life for such blessedness.

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