Best Decision Of 2016

Everyday / Thursday, December 15th, 2016


Decisions. Our life is filled them, isn’t it? Often, the decisions we take in life define us. The choices we make either imprison us or liberate us.

When I thought about this prompt, I wondered. What was my best decision of 2016? To those who read this blog regularly, it might seem that the answer might be easy. Maybe, the best decision of 2016, you might say, was my decision to leave my corporate job.

But wait a minute, was it?

Leaving my corporate job was like plunging off the deep end of the ocean in the hopes of climbing the summit. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I had no idea what lay at the end of that ocean. I still don’t. I think that decision placed me in the most uncomfortable position of my life. I was out of my comfort level, I was out of my depth, I was out of space. It’s making me crawl further into the edges of fear and kiss the trembling wisps of the unknown. It has taught me to embrace uncertainty and to understand that not everything happens the way we want, but that we need to give space in our mind for the imagination to take flight.

But but…

It wasn’t the best decision of 2016.

My best decision of 2016 was to go for a grueling 12-day Vipassana retreat. This had been on my mind for many years, but this year was the year that it was to be a reality. I fought, wrestled, and delved into the deepest corners of my mind for that period. I am not a meditating levitating Guru now, but that experience has trickled down in unexpected ways in my life. When I feel compassion instead of anger, I know that this decision is having its impact. The best decision of 2016? To go deeper into my self. Into my mind. Into my soul.

Nothing matches that.

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