Being With My Favorite Co-Worker

Everyday / Friday, April 22nd, 2022

This is not my regular post.

I have had a strangely suffocating week. It wasn’t just the weather. This week marked a year of living with long Covid. A week that came on the back of strange encounters with writers, friends, and family.

It was a week that came with the usual client shenanigans: Ghosting clients. Critical clients. The “You need to reduce your price” clients. The “I will pay my invoice 2.5 months later” clients. The “I don’t know what I want, but this is not it” clients.

It was a week that came with some usual writer shenanigans. The “Oops! I forgot the deadline” writers and the “This is not worth my time, I won’t write what I promised” writers.

It was a week that came with the usual shenanigans with developers. (I should have married a developer, writer, startup marketer, therapist, grocery seller, and a dog. I would have been sorted in life)

It was a week of ennui and that feeling of being stuck while moving rapidly, terrifyingly downhill.

This photo captures none of it.

What it does show is that today, fed up, just before starting work, I went over to this furball and poured out this rant. This is my chief problem-solver. He’s excellent with handling clients, product launches (lunches, he means), and invoicing. 

So, I went over.

I asked him how to edit that problematic piece.

I asked him how to move my manuscript’s plot storyline. About how to get that ghosting client alive again; how to get my family to really hear me; how to be happy with my body and mind; how to just roll on the grass; how to make people like your company’s IG page, and how to also be terribly excited about nothing at all.

I got all those answers, rolled in suitable drool.

🔷I learned that sometimes you just have to chew on the bones you get thrown in life. Some are chewy. Some aren’t. But we chew. And chew. Somewhere, it makes sense. Even these terrible, awful, worth-nothing-at-all weeks.

So, you see, this is not a regular post.

🔷It’s just me with my best co-worker.

If you are having a rough week or day, I send you light, and some drool…

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