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Just had to dedicate today’s post to that – Badminton. After almost a decade, I picked up a racquet and for the first time stepped on to a badminton court to play for an hour. Oh! What delicious tiredness it is that creeps into your body after doing exercise that you love!!

I woke up late today…almost half past ten. After pottering around at the Net for around an hour, Birdie and I decided try making akki rotti. The experiment seemed to stay fine. The dough seemed perfect. Even the rotis that flew from the tava seemed and tasted great. What followed five minutes after the gas was turned off was a bizarre disaster. In the time that it took to set up lunch, barely five minutes later, the perfectly formed rotis turned into gluey pulp. It was bizarre. It was like they melted in the heat. Such a heartrending pity.

An hour later, it was supposed to be badminton time. But Cissy as is her wont didn’t respond to the SMS. Neither did Angie, the famous Miss Zhang. Lynn didn’t know of an indoor badminton court. Finally, it was old Ruby to the rescue. We took the taxi, and went to a place near West Lake park. That place though, had shut down much to Ruby’s embarrassment. By this time, Angie had called back…and it was thanks to her that this court near Xuji Dadao was discovered.

The place was awfully crowded. Ruby came back to tell that some of the players had been playing since 1 in the afternoon! And this was at 6PM!! Phew!! Apparently, the courts might be freer at 7PM, she said. So Angie, Birdie, Ruby and I walked down to this porridge special restaurant that Angie had recommended. Angie’s baby, Eric, decided at this time to see the funny streak in me that I don’t see myself and chuckled himself into toothy laughter at the table. It felt good to make a baby laugh. The restaurant’s bill though was outrageous. 39RMB for 2 cold dishes and three bowls of porridge!

The badminton court wasn’t cheap either. 20RMB for an hour…but at least the price to pay for exercise is never too high. And I did beat Birdie black and blue for 2 games in a row before she turned the tables on me in the last game. Grin, I maintain I was tired by then.

Tomorrow the final battle. Today though, I won an important battle – the one with Happiness. 🙂

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