An Encounter

Musings, Short Stories / Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Life came to me the other day, and said,”Hey! what’s the matter?” Perplexed, I asked in return, “What? Nothing is the matter.” So life asked me, “Why then are you walking with your back so bent and your head so bowed? Is it humility?” I laughed. “Humility? You would need to have something that you can boast about so that you can boast about being humble. Me? I am proud because I have nothing to be humble about.”

It was Life’s turn to laugh. “Maybe you are right,” he mused, pulling his long scraggly beard. “So what is the bent back for?” he asked. I straightened myself. “Laziness?” I replied. Life laughed again, he is a pretty jolly soul, this chap. “Perhaps. Is that all?” he asked. I said yes, that’s all. “Years of inertia have created this slouch.” Life nodded, and went his merry way. And as I said the words, I turned around, ready to walk down my own weary way. Two small feathers fell down by the side. I picked them up, surprised. And realized it was just the past’s wings, which lay clipped when I refused to acknowledge his weight.

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