A Poem For Our Times

Musings / Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

A friend wrote to me saying that he is feeling ‘fear at all levels’ I had no advice for him. What can I say?

But I can say this. Fear is just doing its job of protecting us. Beyond that protection, there’s faith. What fear can’t do, faith can. I don’t necessarily think of this as divine faith. But to all of you struggling with jobs, money, the health of loved ones, quarantines, and the mess of this life as we know now, I wish you find that faith to heal and be healed. 

To all of you, know that I have you in my thoughts. Every day. We are all going to celebrate like never before once this is over. We will find our lives shifted. Our thoughts realigned. We will look at this world afresh. We will change our priorities. We will connect more. We will share, embrace, and hug like never before. 

Until then, this poem stays with us:

Kitty O’Meara’s beautiful poem for these times:

And people stayed home

and read books and listened

and rested and exercised

and made art and played

and learned new ways of being

and stopped

and listened deeper

someone meditated

someone prayed

someone danced

someone met their shadow

and people began to think differently

and people healed

and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways,

dangerous, meaningless and heartless,

even the earth began to heal

and when the danger ended

and people found each other

grieved for the dead people

and they made new choices

and dreamed of new visions

and created new ways of life

and healed the earth completely

just as they were healed themselves.

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  1. Truer and more beautiful words have not been spoken. And I am not speaking of just the poem. It’s similar to what you said in the morning. Why focus on the “spikes” and not on the recoveries? I think shifting our perspective to the stillness, the meditation, the dancing, and, eventually, the healing will give us sustenance.

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