When The Universe Laughs At Us

Musings / Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

At the stroke of midnight, or a little after, on April 9th, Goodreads, the social network for bookworms, converted my personal profile to an Author page. It was with bemusement that I looked at my new-look profile and then glanced in disbelief at the followers it had merged from the previous Author page. Out of all the jokes of the Universe, perhaps this was the funniest. It made me smile. Remember the saga of the Blocking Friend? Remember the saga of the Goodreads blocking? And how I learnt to block? Not a lesson I wanted to learn. But.

When Goodreads changed my profile to an Author page, the dear Blocking Friend re-appeared as a follower. It’s something she doesn’t realize herself, probably, and the thought of that makes me giggle.

It’s a bug in their system. The Blocking Friend must have followed my author page back when we were friends and had forgotten to unfollow in the middle of all the blocking of my personal profile. Now, there it was – a cute panda profile picture staring at me morosely from the list of followers. I laughed. I laughed out loud at the way the Universe sent me a rap on the knuckles. I laughed at the way Life keeps reminding of things that I forget – that we are all here to help each out other, to love one another, and to release our self. Not block our self.

It made me realize once again that in this narrow world of divisions, our love needs to multiply. Now, more than ever, we shouldn’t give up. Our hearts need to be warmed, thawed from the hatred and bile we fill it with. We need to follow our truest self – to realize that when you hurt another, you first hurt yourself. Hurt begets hurt, and it is in our hands to pull that chain and stop inflicting that pain on another. We need to forgive first and seek forgiveness second. We need to realize that anger dissolves on its own, but hurt needs love to embellish the wounds. We need to merge our words with the forevers and realize that there is no never.

We need to replace contempt with compassion; shame with sincerity; friction with friendship; confusion with clarity; stealth with openness, and the memories of yesterday with the gifts of today.

We are not coy jackasses, but those who can light up the stars every night with the dew of gratitude, love, and forgiveness.

And above all, we need to love deeply and remember that you are loved just the same. Always.

Our life is sometimes a summation of our choices. And the beauty is we have the freedom to choose again and again the choices that liberate us, and not the choices that bind us in coils of mistrust. Not the choices that block our heart, but the choices that allow the heart to flower. The question our life should ask: What do you choose? Do you choose love, forgiveness, compassion or hatred, resentment, and anger?


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